32 excited Kookaburra Kids boarded a bus in Penrith on the morning of the last Friday of the school holidays, to make their way to a fun day out at Sydney Aquarium. And once they finally arrived (after a few traffic hiccups along the way), they were introduced to the eager volunteer group from CommInsure, who were not only there to assist with the supervision of the kids, but to also partake in the last of their team fundraising efforts, in support of Kookaburra Kids.

The small team from CommInsure had pulled together personally to raise funds towards the activity day at the Aquarium. Selling chocolates in the office and getting staff to donate online, were just some of the ways the team were able to donate over $2000 for the activity.

Once the kids were sorted into groups, Kookaburra volunteers united with couples of the CommInsure team and the groups moved into what looked like an undersea cave as they entered the Aquarium.

There were many shrieks of “I’ve found Dory” with the popular blue tang fish featuring in many of the exhibits along the way.

Some kids wanted to see Sword Fish, while others wanted to “feed” sharks. And some just didn’t know what to expect, so went with the current.

But it was the “under the sea” walkway that appealed to the masses – and that’s not just the kids! Staff, volunteers and the kids all looked up in awe as massive sharks and huge rays swam overhead, fish of all sizes floated alongside and deep sea divers fed the sea life. Upon climbing all the way back above sea level, the groups delighted in more sealife activity before heading outside to enjoy lunch.

All in all, a great day was had by everyone and this was the first time the team from CommInsure had participated in a volunteering activity.

“Thank you for sharing this experience with us! We had a lot of fun and I think we have encouraged people in the business to organise their own events now as well.” Said Alison, team organiser from CommInsure.

Supporters and sponsors of Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation make a big difference in the lives of the children in the program, who live in families affected by mental illness. It is with this support and generosity that these “kids can be kids” and partake in fun activities at camps or throughout the school holidays giving them the opportunity to also share memories with their peers when they return to school. And it positively encourages them to be happy and active while building their confidence.

A big Thank You to the team at CommInsure for braving sharks and stingrays this school holidays to bring more smiles to our Kookaburra kids.