Have you met Lou? A Kookaburra Kids Volunteer Story

Meet Lou, one of our Kookaburra Kids camp volunteers. Lou has been volunteering at camp for almost 2 years now and we are incredibly lucky to have her as part of our Kookaburra Kids team.

We asked Lou a few questions about her experience volunteering at Kookaburra Kids, let’s see what she has to say…

Why did you decide to volunteer for Kookaburra Kids?
I volunteered a lot for kids camps back home in Ireland and on coming to Australia, I really missed it. Kookaburra Kids came into my life and gave me the opportunity to get back into camp life, and I’ve never looked back! Knowing you can make even a little positive impact in the life of a child is so rewarding.

What do you enjoy about volunteering for Kookaburra Kids?
Having super fun with kids in a supportive and caring environment. Watching kids be kids again and put their trust in you for the weekend is so fulfilling. Knowing that the kids are getting a little break for the weekend while having the time of their lives is very special.

Can you tell us your favourite Kookaburra Kids experience?
Seeing first-hand the positive change that some of the kids experience from the Friday night to Sunday afternoon is really special – you can’t put a price on it. It’s what makes me come back time after time!

If you would like to get involved and become a Kookaburra Kids volunteer contact us on (02) 9525 7474 or fill in an online application here.