Human Hungry Hippos, Angry Birds, Post Man and More! NT School Holiday Fun!

The NT team held the first Kookaburra Kids school holiday activity on the 20th of April at Lyons Community Centre. There were a range of fun and games for the 10 Kookaburra Kid attendees to enjoy, and the fun started as soon as they stepped through the door way with a lego building table, giant connect 4, and life-sized snakes and ladders!

Once all the attendees had arrived, the Kookaburra Kids were invited to compete in an exhilarating game of Human Hungry Hippos – which involved one participant being pushed around on a skateboard while trying to trap balls in an upturned washing basket. The game of Human Hungry Hippos resulted in a frantic rush to contain the most balls, much to the amusement of participants and observers.

After this high energy fun, a strategic game of Angry Birds saw two teams battle to dislodge the most pigs. One team attempted to design an impenetrable fortress out of cardboard boxes, containing the green balloon pigs; the other team then attempted to free the pigs by launching balls at the structure. The teams swapped roles multiple times as the groups tried to outsmart and outplay the opposition.

A special visitor also visited the Kookaburra Kids on the day. Harlow, a local therapy dog, dropped by to meet the children and teach them some of her tricks. Harlow enjoyed the children’s company as much as they enjoyed hers!

The high energy fun continued again after saying goodbye to Harlow with an epic game of ‘Post Man’, in which participants tried to run a gauntlet without being hit by balls, launched in their direction by opposition players. The NT Kookaburra Kids displayed extraordinary dodging and weaving skills to eventually reach the end of the gauntlet – much to the amazement and cheers of everyone involved, including the opposition players!

Throughout the day, children had the oppourtunity to enjoy quiet time and self-reflection with a relaxation session, table games, lego, and colouring in. Some of the attendees also decided to build castles and shelters out of giant building blocks and the dismantled angry birds set.

The day ended with some birthday cake, celebrating two of our NT Kookaburra Kids who were celebrating their birthdays that weekend. Once again, the NT Kookaburra Kids had a barrel of fun spending time with one another, and kookaburra-like laughter filled the building throughout the day.