Supporting Kids to be Kids

You can make a difference in the life of a child

If You Need Support

Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800P1020126

Free, confidential and anonymous, 24 hour counselling service for young people 5-25 years. Kids Helpline also have on-line counselling services available.

Lifeline: 131 114 P1020118

Free confidential phone service for people under stress, crisis or with any problem.


(Children of Parents with Mental Illness) Ask at your local hospital to meet with the COPMI worker for any issues relating to mental illness.


Its Allright

Kids matter

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Project Youth

Other Support

The National Carers Counselling Program

If you are looking after some one ill at home, then you can get free counselling through this service. They will link you with a private counsellor near where you live and you can see them up to six visits or more if needed. You will need family consent for this if you are under 14.


Call Commonwealth Carer Resource Centre   Free Call: 1800 242 636


Commonwealth Carer Respite Service   Free call: 1800 059 059

If you are looking after someone ill at home, this service can give you some one to help with the care, allowing you to have some time off. They can also get you help with your school work if you are in high school and struggling to cope. These services are all free.


Carers NSW, Young Carers Project    Free call: 1800 242 636


Aunties and Uncles   Phone: 9638 2480

The aunty and uncle program can take you out for the day, once a month. When people have got to know each other, kids can then sleep over for the weekend once a month, if they wish.  There is one set of aunties and uncles for each child in the family – you don’t go with your brothers and sisters on these outings. Kids can keep their aunties and uncles for an extended time. This is a free service.

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