During the recent school holidays, a group of Kookaburra Kids and volunteers were on target for a fun activity day at the Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre.

The kids and volunteers alike were eager to test out their skills…and their best Katniss Everdeen impersonations.

First up, before we got started was an important group safety briefing from our hosts and instructors for the day. As the kids gathered around, some shared that they had tried archery before, and for others (including one of our team members) it was their first time.

After we had learnt how to hold and safely shoot our targets, it was time to line up and take aim! The kids had great fun encouraging each other and giving each other tips on how to best achieve their goal – hitting a bullseye!

It didn’t take long…there were smiles all-round and collective cheers when the first bullseye was achieved! Followed by another and another.

The instructors seeing how the kids were getting the hang of hitting the target, decided to up the challenge, and set about attaching a balloon to each target. The kids were quick to accept the challenge and quick to pop the balloons! One young girl in our group showed great skill in managing to shoot the balloon with her first arrow.

It was great to see the kids develop their skills in such a short time, and even better, it was wonderful to see the kids’ smiles get bigger and bigger as their aim and shooting technique progressed.

After an hour of archery, our next activity for the day was Laser Tag! Our group was spilt into teams – the aim of the game was to work with your teammates to defeat the opposing team in each battle. Each team displayed awesome team work, great communication skills and some very cool commando style moves!

After laser tag it was time to refuel with lunch and a cool drink. The kids loved this activity day and it was great to see them learn new skills, work together as a team, have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

A big thank you to Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre for being such terrific hosts and helping our Kookaburra Kids Aim Big and Aim for Fun!