Kookaburra Kids’ south coast crew travelled up the mountain to reach the Illawarra Fly on one of the activity days planned in the recent school holidays. Over 20 kids were joined by 12 of the wonderful corporate (SUPERHERO) team from Kookaburra Kids Major Strategic Partner PAYCE, who came dressed as Batman, Wonderwoman, Catwoman, Avengers and there was even a Harry Potter amongst them.  The team from Illawarra Fly, aka Merlin’s Magic Wand, hosted our Kookaburra Kids for the day treating them to over 200 metres in three ziplines amongst trees more than 20-45 metres high off the ground. And boy, was the view something to take in from up there! Well worth it!

Many kids (and grown-ups) conquered some fears that day! Some had fears of heights while others were a bit apprehensive about jumping off a tree ledge (yes – they were harnessed) but the teams bonded together, talking through their doubts or anxieties and at the end shared moments of pride and joy for those in their group who had finished the course with a smile (some of relief…)

It was great to see the corporate volunteer team interacting with the kids and having fun with them at the same time.

PAYCE have been a great supporter of Kookaburra Kids for some time now and enjoyed the opportunity to be involved with the children face to face – plus it was also a fun team bonding day for them too!

After the three groups had completed the tree top zip line adventure (and braved the very crisp, cool conditions) they enjoyed a sausage sandwich or two while they shared their adventure stories amongst the teams.

We would like to extend a big thanks to the PAYCE superhero team – our ongoing corporate supporters, who took the time out of their day to spend with our kids.

And of course a magical and huge thank you to Lachlan and the crew at Illawarra Fly / Merlin’s Magic Wand for hosting our group and providing them with such a fun and exciting experience. It is this type of support that enables us to provide special outings for our Kookaburra Kids, where they can take a break and just be kids for a day.