Blake is eight years old, his mum has severe depression and anxiety, this means she often spends time in hospital. Blake and his twelve year old brother Shane look after their autistic brother Mark while sharing the cooking, cleaning and day-to-day household chores. Blake wouldn’t trade his mum and family for the world but sometimes he hates missing out on fun things like after school sport or having friends over to his house.
With your support we are able to send Blake and his brother to Kookaburra Kids camps each year. Blake especially loves the climbing activities and all the good food he can eat! At camp he learns a little more about Mum’s illness and things he can do to look after both him and his Mum. At camp Blake gets to do loads of fun things that make him feel special and he gets a break from responsibilities at home.

Blake especially likes the Kookaburra Kids school holiday activities like the harbour cruise in September this year. He had a great day on Sydney harbour enjoying the sights, having a yummy lunch and taking dance lessons that gave him a chance to show off his gymnastic skills! Thanks to you, Kookaburra Kids have regular school holiday activities that give kids unique experiences they would not normally be able to do due to their family situation.

We have over 1000 kids now registered on the program and receive 5-6 new referrals per week. With 9 camps scheduled next year your support is needed now more than ever. Early intervention is vital in a Kookaburra Kids life. Together we will give them childhood.