NT KOOKABURRA ACTIVITY FUN! Mummies, Movies and More!

What do you get if you combine a movie, buckets of popcorn, and rolls of toilet paper? A bunch of Kookaburra Kids sharing lots of laughs together! 

On Tuesday the 3rd of July, 13 Kookaburra Kids enjoyed an action packed morning at the cinema together. Laughter filled the cinema as the delightfully spooky characters from Hotel Transylvania 3 filled the big screen. Fuelled by popcorn, the kids eagerly followed the storyline that (SPOILER ALERT) highlighted the importance of following your heart, and discovered the positive beats of the Macarena!

Following the movie, the Kookaburra Kids enjoyed lunch and took part in the Kookaburra Kids Mummy Challenge, which saw the Kookaburra Kids pair up in teams to cover their friends in rolls and rolls of toilet paper!

To finish the fun times, the kids and volunteers then challenged each other to a range of board games and munched down on birthday cake to celebrate our July-born Kookaburra Kids.

We can’t wait till the next fun Kookaburra activity day!