First Responders

A holistic approach to mental wellbeing for First Responders

We recognise the high-level demands and traumatic events first responders are exposed to and the impact this may have on mental wellbeing. A dedicated First Responder Program aims to reduce stresses at home and ease the mental burden, helping to promote a harmonious and secure home environment. Our First Responder Program is designed to support the unique needs of children of first responders.

Our First Responders program is designed to assist participants to understand not only their own mental health and wellbeing, but the mental health implications their parents may face just going to work and serving their community. Participants are educated on mental health literacy in a fun, safe and supported way. We know that mental health burdens are cumulative. By offering support to First Responders, families are supported and the home environment is more harmonious. This dramatically increases capacity to deal with work stresses and demands.

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