SUEZ is all about sustainability, championing education, positive changes and raising awareness – what an awesome fit for Kookaburra Kids!

2016 is the third year of our three-year partnership with SUEZ Environnement. The funding provided by SUEZ has been a significant contributor to AKKF’s expansion and success. Some of the key highlights from the partnership so far include, SUEZ staff volunteering their time at activity days and sponsoring our major events such as our Annual Corporate Charity Lunch and Corporate Golf Day.

Additionally, as Kookaburra Kids’ major partner, SUEZ, has hosted a number of Kookaburra Kids activity days, including a Taronga ZooMobile ‘Into The Wild’ experience and a recycling and waste reduction education day and BBQ lunch. These activity days not only provided our Kookaburra Kids with a much-needed day of respite but also provided the opportunity to learn about recycling and how they can help the environment and effectively manage and reduce waste in their everyday lives; making a sustainable difference for our environment and making a real difference in our Kookaburra Kids lives.

The support we receive from SUEZ is extremely appreciated and we look forward to the relationship growing from strength to strength in the future.

Together we can continue to make a difference in the lives of children living in families affected by mental illness.

Here’s a quick look at some of our moments so far…