Volunteer Spotlight – Jarryd



From swinging on the giant swing at camp, discussing mental illness with kids in Chat Group and dressing up as a Christmas elf, Jarryd has done it all!

Why did you decide to volunteer for Kookaburra Kids?
I wanted to volunteer with an organisation that felt like it was making a real difference in young people’s lives. I also wanted to volunteer with an organisation that let young people have fun, not to mention the amount of fun I have away at camp.

What do you enjoy about volunteering for Kookaburra Kids?
I enjoy working with a people from various backgrounds (kids and volunteers) and personalities. Every camp and activity day is different and the activities that we all do are always fun. I try to get involved in as many of the activities as the kids.

Can you tell us your favourite Kookaburra Kids experience?
My favourite experience inevitably happens after each and every camp. My favourite experience is hearing the young people talk about coming back to camp next year and asking their new friends and their favourite volunteers if they will see them again at the next camp.

When you aren’t volunteering for Kookaburra Kids, what do you like to do with your time?
I am currently studying and working so I don’t have too much free time at the moment. But usually I like to go to the gym, socialise with friends while playing board games or video games, and reading.

If you had to audition for a reality TV show, which one would it be and why?
I would audition for The Voice because I have a terrible singing voice and it would be funny to go up on stage and sing along to one of my favourite songs, having a blast, while everyone else is blocking their ears. And then afterwards I would receive terrible feedback from all of the judges and I would thank them all for the feedback, but I would tell Delta to ‘Shut up’. (Just Joking!)