Volunteer Spotlight – Monika



“I can be a kid for a weekend!”

Why did you decide to volunteer for Kookaburra Kids?
I used to volunteer for Big Sister Program in the CBD, but due to time constraints I could not commit to a little every weekend. So when I was looking for other charities to volunteer for this one suited me well as it was very flexible.

What do you enjoy about volunteering for Kookaburra Kids?
I can be a kid for a weekend! I have always found volunteer work rewarding. I am also a massive nerd and love to learn new things; each time I go to camp I learn something about mental health, behaviours or things about me.

Can you tell us your favourite Kookaburra Kids experience?
Program Manager Suzy was interviewing the kids for a clip that was being made for the gala ball. I was lucky enough to help with the filming and got to hear the kids dreams, that was really rewarding, funny and emotional all at the same time. There were lots of unicorns and lolly houses hahaha.

When you aren’t volunteering for Kookaburra Kids, what do you like to do with your time?
I travel every two months to Europe for university. If I am not at work or at uni, I am usually quite active and try to get out and about or playing a sport. Hanging out with family and friends. As I mentioned above I am a massive nerd so also have some short course in something in the pipeline, at the moment its pottery class.

If you had to audition for a reality TV show, which one would it be and why?
The amazing race – I haven’t watched the show (I don’t watch a much TV) but have done team building events with a similar idea so I understand the concept. I think it’s quite a lot of fun…again I am such a nerd hahaha.