Meet Tracey one of our amazing leaders.

Since Tracey signed up to Kookaburra Kids in 2017 she has been to an amazing four camps (and has signed up to the next QLD and NSW camps. What an absolute STAR!

We recently asked Tracey a few questions about being a Kookaburra Kids volunteer.

Why did you decide to volunteer for Kookaburra Kids?
I have been friends with Alan Sparkes, who is an Ambassador for Kookaburra Kids, for over 20 years, since our children were little. Taking a leaf out of his book and wanting to give back to other families, I decided to apply as a volunteer and I haven’t looked back since. I have to say it’s one of THE most rewarding things I have done in my life.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering for Kookaburra Kids?
It’s incredible that children who live in families affected my mental illness have Kookaburra Kids supporting them by organising amazing camps and activity days. I love to see the new friendships that are made, as well as the children realising that they are not alone, and that other kids might be experiencing similar things at home. I also must admit that I quite like to experience all the activities with them, which brings out my inner child. We are never too old to challenge ourselves either.

What has been your favourite Kookaburra Kids experience?
My favourite experience (and there is more than one at every single camp) is seeing how much each and every child will challenge themselves. Whether it’s by meeting new friends, trying an activity that they thought they would never do, or sometimes just seeing how they adapt to being away from their family for the first time. This is all topped off by the smiles I see at the end of a truly well organised and fun camp.

When you aren’t volunteering for Kookaburra Kids, what do you like to do with your time?
I have adult children of my own that I like to keep in touch with as much as possible. I own two fur babies – Miniature Schnauzers called “Jazz” and “Indi” and take care of my daughter’s puppy “Audrey”. I live in Coffs Harbour so I like to walk them near the beach at 5.30am everyday and then get my early morning coffee. Always a wonderful and positive start before work.
If you had to audition for a reality TV show, which one would it be and why?
I would love to audition for Australian Survivor as they get to do some incredible challenges as well as stay in the most beautiful places. A new group of people in a different environment learning about each other is very similar to the excitement of being at a Kookaburra Kids camp.

Stay tuned for more Volunteer Spotlight Stories.

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