Last week Kookaburra Kids held its first camp for the year…and what a camp it was!

We were delighted to team up with Northside Community Forum to take a group of young carers on their very own Kookaburra Kids camp adventure.

So what did these Young Carers get up to?

Kookaburra Kids camp this weekend was all about providing a place for these amazing kids to take a break from their carer roles and providing a non-stop weekend of fun activities, group chats and respite.

Camp started on Friday evening; once the campers were all settled in and had enjoyed dinner the fun began with games night! Campers had a great time participating in icebreaker games, arts and craft and team building activities.

Next day the campers were up early for breakfast, followed by Kookaburra Kids “Chat Group” and morning tea. After refuelling at morning tea the team was ready for the day’s activities. The groups were spilt into two, with one group heading off to kayaking and the other to the high ropes. After lunch the teams swapped activities, ensuring everyone got to enjoy both.

After the activities were complete the Young Carers enjoyed free time – games of pool, crafts, and the swimming pool. The day was finished off with dinner, then the gang got together to watch a movie complete with popcorn.

On the next day, the team was up early once again for brekkie followed by “Chat Group”, morning tea and free time. After morning tea it was time for everyone to face their fears and tackle the GIANT SWING! There were screams, laughter and smiles all round! Well done to everyone!

After everyone had conquered the giant swing it was time to say goodbye. The Kookaburra Kids team and Young Carers all gathered together to watch a camp video featuring photos from the weekend. There were smiles all round as everyone relived and enjoyed once again all the fun camp moments.

Goodbye at Kookaburra Kids camp is always hard but we know that new friendships have been made and that we helped to make a difference in the lives of our campers!

To learn more about the Northside Community Forum Young Carers Project visit their website.