Volunteer Spotlight – Matt

Check out this awesome highlight from one of our Kookaburra Kids Volunteers, Matt!

How did you find out about AKKF and what made you want to volunteer?

I found out about the AKKF through an advertisement I found on Seek.com and all it took was a brief description of the foundation to know that this was the right cause for me to focus my time and efforts 🙂

How would you describe your volunteering experience with AKKF?

I have had nothing but good times and great experiences with the AKKF. The children are lovely and well behaved and simply need a warm smile, a positive, can-do attitude and a little encouragement to get the most out of them. Plus you get to join in on all the amazing ac.vi.es that the kids do as well!

What was the best AD/Camp so far?

True Ninja in Penrith without a doubt. It is an Australian Ninja Warrior type course for all ages to enjoy. It was high energy, competitive and challenging in all of the right ways. We were even treated to 7/11 style slushie as well as a generous serving of chicken nuggets for tea. I think I ate my weight in nuggets at the end of the AD I was that famished from the intensity of the many Ninja obstacles, well, that was my excuse anyways.

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering?

Everybody is going through something whether you know about it or not. The same is true for children, especially during their formative years. Knowing that you can make a difference simply by turning up and getting involved shows them that life isn’t just home, school and chores – but also friends, fun, activities and good times. And seeing the kids get excited when you do something goofy (I fall over regularly while bowling, or doing just about anything really) really is the icing on the cake.

What would you tell other people out there interested in volunteering?

DO IT. You’re not living your own life to the fullest unless you have a cause. This can be your cause 🙂

Would you recommend volunteering AKKF? Why?

Without a doubt. I’ve recently got my partner involved and have nothing but high-praise for the organisation since I’ve been involved since 2019. I’d go as far to say that I honestly can’t ever see myself not doing it.

Pineapple on pizza? Yes or No

ABSOLUTELY. Its not a pizza without FINEapple. The perfect pizza has something salty, something faMy and something sweet. Slithers of olive for that salty goodness, load up on cheese for the grease that runs down your chin and that sweet sweet burst of yumminess comes from none other than pineapple mmm I know what’s for dinner tonight.

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