Our Kookaburra Kids

The Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation supports young people aged 8-18 years living in families impacted by mental illness. Our Kookaburra Kids come in all from many different backgrounds and experiences; there is no ‘one way’ to describe them all. While all Kookaburra Kids have a family member with mental illness it does not mean their experiences and presentations will be the same.

As a diverse group, these children and young people have different needs and challenges. Currently supporting over 2,000 young people across Australia, the program enables young people to connect with other kids just like them, share experiences in an age appropriate environment, ask questions and get support. The kids are able to be with other kids with similar family situations and begin to feel they are not alone anymore.



This is the best weekend I have ever had in my whole life, I can’t wait until the next camp”


Please can I come again, it was so much FUN


This is the first time I have been able to talk to someone who understands about my mum’s BiPolar, I have a new friend and I am not alone anymore, thank’s Kookaburra Kids


KK has given me better understanding of mental illness, a group of friends who are always there to talk to and will understand and help without the fear of being judged and skills to help my dad when he needs it


Camp acted as an escape, leaders were role models and gave me plenty of resources specifically relating to my father’s illness and how to deal with it. Helped me with not only looking after my family but also myself. Everyone at camp is compassionate and understanding- this is empowering, comforting and provides a safer (less hostile) environment than at home. K Kids has also showed interest in my future, exploring options for employment and study

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