Kookaburra Kids Connect

What is Kookaburra Kids Connect?

Kookaburra Kids Connect has been developed to form and strengthen bonds between young people living in families experiencing mental illness and to increase their sense of belongingness and connectedness. Additionally, the program will help empower young people by improving mental health literacy and to promote safe and positive help-seeking behaviours.

How are the sessions run?

The sessions are “hosted” by AKKF staff and volunteers and are designed to be a safe area where young people can express themselves in a supportive environment. The hosts do not record the sessions nor are these sessions designed to be like a school lesson or a therapy appointment.

At the conclusion, a host will then run a short (about 10 minutes) fun, structured activity that you can all do together online. This will help the participant’s brains have a rest from all the unstructured thinking and emotions that may be discussed in the session and give everyone a chance to process and understand their thoughts.

This gives participants the opportunity to talk about their thoughts with people they trust, like friends of the family when they understand their thoughts themselves.

This builds resilience and helps young people learn how to make positive choices for your emotional wellbeing.

How to Join?

For existing Kookaburra Kids

If you’re an existing member of the Kookaburra Kids program, you will receive an invite directly from us as the program rolls out across Australia.

To request entry directly, email [email protected] or call 1300 566 525

For new Kookaburra Kids

To enrol a young person into the Kookaburra Kids program, please visit www.kookaburrakids.org.au/refer-a-child or alternatively call 1300 566 525.

For a downloadable flyer

To download an information flyer, please click here.

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