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Partnering with Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation is a great way to align your brand with a charity that is making a difference in the lives of Australian children.

About Corporate Partnership

Kookaburra Kids’ corporate partnership program is designed to allow your organisation to give back to the community, whilst enhancing your brand and increasing workplace engagement and participation. We will happily work with you to tailor a partnership to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Investment objectives.

By partnering with Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation you can:

  • Meet your CSR objectives and strengthen your position as a social responsible brand
  • Improve relationships with your community
  • Enhance your corporate image/reputation
  • Motivate and engage your staff to increase morale, pride in company and retention rates
  • Build a workplace giving program to involve your workforce in giving
  • Sponsor an event, camp or activity day
  • Contribute to our aim to deliver life-changing outcomes that positively affect the lives of kids in Australia

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We would love to talk to you about how we can work together and create a partnership, click here to contact us.

Our Partners

Thank you to our current Kookaburra Kids partners who have committed to making a difference in the lives of children living in families affected by mental illness.

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