Chat Group

What is Chat Group?

Chat Group makes Kookaburra Kids unique to other children’s programs as it provides an opportunity to acknowledge the fact that all our young people have a commonality and provide an important sense of belonging for our young people.

Chat Group creates an opportunity to learn about mental illness and how it affects families; share their experiences and to discover and improve their coping skills and resilience.

Camp Chat Group:

Chat Group on camp is run by Kookaburra leaders and it occurs on Saturday and Sunday morning at camp. Each young person in Chat Group will receive a booklet (Kookabook) containing activities, education, and coping resources.

Saturday Chat Group – focuses on learning about mental illness and diagnosis, myth busting and sharing ideas and experiences.

Sunday Chat Group – focuses on identifying their strengths, learning, and improving skills to cope with daily stressors, accessing supports and resources within the community.

AD Chat Group:

AD Chat Group is run by Kookaburra leaders and will combine resources from both Saturday and Sunday Camp Chat Groups and additional resources.

  • Chat Group on a full day activity day is 45 minutes
  • Chat Group on a half day activity day is 20 minutes.
WHY is Chat Group important for Kookaburra Kids:
  • Children cope better if they have age-appropriate information about mental illness.
  • Children often feel ‘different’ from their peers – Chat Group is a unique opportunity for children to realise they are not so ‘different’, and it can provide an important sense of belonging for children
  • To reassure children and dispel any myths they may believe
  • To identify coping skills that can increase the child’s resilience. Resilient children can cope more effectively with challenges and overcome adversity.
Overall Chat group is designed to achieve:
  • Education about mental illness
  • Increased ability to cope effectively
  • Increased resiliency
  • Increased self-expression and communication
  • Development of creativity
  • Reduction in feelings of isolation
  • Increase in self-esteem
  • Increased support network
  • Having lots of fun!
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